Joanna Beer

I have been making pots for 35 years. I also work in a gallery/workshop which showcases and supports artists with learning difficulties.

My work is very influenced by Neolithic pottery. A customer once described my work as though ‘it had just been dug up from the ground’ which I believe to be a great compliment. I use mostly stoneware, with very little glaze; I use oxides, river sand and quartz as these bring the required textural qualities to my work.  All my pots are individual pieces made either by throwing or coiling.

I have always worked alone, but joined Taking Space in January 2017 in order to have the opportunity to share ideas and information, and to exhibit in Cornwall alongside a supportive group of artists.

Joanna Beer Bowl
19 x 14 cm

Joanna Beer Green vase
Green Vase
20 x 26 cm

Walking in Sunshine
Unglazed Urn
30 x 38cm

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